Sometimes to save your life 
you have to leave everything behind. 


Help bring urgent relief to families fleeing violence in Iraq.



 Your gift - doubled! Thanks to generous philanthropists,
we are currently able to match donations to this appeal, doubling the impact of your gift for the people who need it most.

A Safe Place is Enough for Us

We meet Rahima in a dimly lit room in a half-finished building in Kirkuk, northern Iraq.

An End to the Waiting

Imagine a mother who carries a child to term, then waits for nearly a month more with no signs of labour!

I Fled from Mosul

Hardan is a pharmacist who fled Mosul in 2014 with his family. He now works with Medair to help displaced families survive the crisis in Iraq.

Conflict in Iraq is devastating entire communities.
Vulnerable families are paying the price.

Desperate people are fleeing Mosul every day in search of safety from the violence. Can you imagine…

Leaving everything behind. Travelling long distances, often across battle lines, in search of safety. Gathering frightened children and elderly relatives, some injured or sick, and fleeing towards an uncertain future. 

Living in crowded tents as winter approaches. Finding shelter in abandoned buildings without safe water or sanitation.

Seeking urgent medical care for impending childbirth, injuries, and sudden or chronic illness. Needing nutrition for malnourished children.


This is why Medair is in Iraq.
To bring life-saving relief that displaced families desperately need and deserve.


Go With Us

When a family has lost everything, we will go the extra mile to care for them. 
That’s our commitment.


 Your gift - doubled! Thanks to generous philanthropists,
we are currently able to match donations to this appeal, doubling the impact of your gift for the people who need it most.





Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you go the extra mile?

The most vulnerable people are usually those who are difficult to reach. We are committed to serving the most vulnerable. That’s why we go the extra mile to meet their most urgent needs wherever they are. 


What do you consider to be hard-to-reach places?

“Hard-to-reach” places often fall into three categories: disaster-affected areas, conflict-affected areas, and places with limited infrastructure. Disasters frequently block roads, damage infrastructure, and trigger landslides and flooding. Conflicts pose travel restrictions, threats of attack, and mass displacement of people. Other communities in need are simply cut off by treacherous mountains, poor roads and bridges, and even swamps, all of which make it difficult for them to access life-saving services. 


What means do you use to reach people?

Whatever it takes. Planes, helicopters, cars, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles, motorboats, and canoes. Our teams even travel to remote communities by horse, donkey cart, by swimming, and on foot.


What services do you bring to vulnerable people?

The gifts of Medair supporters bring them life essentials such as basic health care, safe drinking water and sanitation, proper nutrition, safe shelter, and skilled staff to help women give birth safely. These services help save lives and prevent needless suffering.


Why don’t people just move to places that are easier to reach? 

In some cases, people can’t move because of insecurity or it may be safer to live in a remote place far away from violence. In other cases, it would mean leaving land and long-held ways of life entirely. Migration presents a huge burden to host communities and dangerous uncertainties for migrant families.


Why is it important that I give?

Because lives depend on it. We go, but gifts from our partners are our fuel. People’s generous support is what enables us to respond quickly to emergencies around the world and bring hope to people who might otherwise be forgotten.


How do you spend the money I give?

Your gift goes far with us: 89.6 percent of all money donated to Medair goes directly to the delivery of life-saving assistance to those who need it most. The other 10.4 percent goes towards the management and expansion of our mission so that we can continue to serve more people.


We promise to respect your generosity and to use your gift most effectively to relieve human suffering. The needs and costs shown on the related page reflect the kind of needs present in the countries we serve in and the kind of responses we aim to deliver to meet those needs. When designating a gift to a specific project or cause, you can be sure that your gift will be applied to where it is needed most within that specific project or cause or to where there is similar need.


We need your partnership to make that a reality.

In Iraq, we provide health care to people escaping violence.
We care for the sick and injured, for pregnant women, and for newborns.

When families arrive with nothing, we provide them with shelter
and the crucial support they need to get through
the first tentative days and weeks.

They have gone the extra mile to save their own lives. We need to meet them there.

Will you join the journey?


Give Offline

Your gift will save lives and bring hope to people who have left so much behind. 

Consider giving monthly and make your impact last all year long.
Monthly gifts enable us to act fast when emergencies strike and to respond to the greatest needs.


Want to know more before you give? 
Read our Frequently Asked Questions

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