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EACH LIFE is worth

Too many people are suffering
because they are too hard to reach.



We bring relief to the hardest to reach places.
Wherever they are. Whatever it takes.



 Your gift - doubled! Thanks to generous philanthropists,
we are currently able to match donations to this appeal, doubling the impact of your gift for the people who need it most.


Putting people back on the map

“Receiving a P-code is like getting a name, an identity, and a proof of existence,” says Ali, a member of the Medair mapping team.

A Mother’s Heart

For mothers like Chongo, raising children in remote D.R. Congo can feel like an impossible task.

High at the Top of Forgotten Valley

Mastana and her family must grow enough food to last the winter, or else sell possessions or go into debt.

People in remote places often suffer needlessly because they lack the most basic of services.

If you lived in a place like Limangi, a remote village in D.R. Congo 1.5 hours by foot from the nearest small town, you most likely would:

Have no mobile phone service, no supermarket, and little to no access to education.

Have a higher chance of dying from a preventable illness because there is no doctor close by.

Give birth at home without skilled help and risk the life of yourself and your baby.

That’s why we’re bringing them the life-saving relief they desperately need and deserve.
Because where you live should not determine whether you live.


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