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2.7 million Congolese have fled their homes
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For nearly 20 years, violent conflict has been the brutal norm in northeast DR Congo. A number of armed groups fight for territory and natural resources, while hundreds of thousands of families are caught in the crossfire. These families have grown accustomed to fleeing for their lives.

This region is very hard to reach. Limited road access, dense rainforest, and a dangerous conflict keep most organisations away.  Yet in these remote villages and camps live families who desperately need help. 

Where We Help
Nord Kivu

Frequent and ongoing violence caused by armed groups in Nord Kivu has forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes and into makeshift settlements or host communities. The province is currently home to more than 740,000 internally displaced people – the largest number of IDPs in any province in the DRC. Remote host communities have limited access to healthcare or safe drinking water and a limited capacity to respond to disease outbreaks such as measles and cholera. Poor roads – in some cases no roads at all – make it extremely difficult for humanitarian organisations to respond to the needs of remote communities in Nord Kivu. Medair began working in Nord Kivu in 2014, providing healthcare and safe water to remote host communities and IDPs.

Ituri Province

Ongoing waves of violence by armed groups in Ituri and neighbouring Nord Kivu have led to recurrent humanitarian emergencies and internal displacement in the south of the province. Medair works in South Irumu, providing healthcare and safe water to internally displaced people and their host communities as well as those who have recently returned to their homes to rebuild their lives. 

Our Projects
Health Care

Medair is working to save lives and strengthen the quality of health care available to displaced people in remote areas of DR Congo. In some cases, our health teams trek into villages where no other organisations have been for years. We support isolated health clinics with training, supervision, and medicine. We offer free health care and safe places for women to give birth. Our first-response emergency teams stop outbreaks of disease. 

Safe Drinking Water and Hygiene

Our teams dig wells and provide safe supplies of drinking water in areas where waterborne diseases are rampant. We also improve water supply, sanitation facilities, and hygienic conditions at health facilities. 

Roads and Bridges

To make isolated communities easier to reach, Medair supports road improvements and the construction of bridges and culverts. These are life-changing improvements that allow families better access to health care, schools, markets, protection from harm, and humanitarian aid.  



  • 384,511 patients treated at Medair-supported health clinics
  • 10,070 children vaccinated against measles
  • 22 bridges and culverts rehabilitated 

Core Activities

  • Health & Nutrition icon

    Health & Nutrition

    When crisis strikes, health risks multiply. Families suffer from preventable diseases. Children are weakened from malnutrition. Everyone needs health care and nutrition—especially during crisis.

  • Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene icon

    Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene

    WASH saves lives by stopping the spread of disease. In a crisis, few things are more important than safe water, sanitary latrines, and good hygiene.
  • Shelter and Infrastructure icon

    Shelter and Infrastructure

    Safe shelter is at the very core of human survival and dignity. Infrastructure like roads, bridges, schools, and clinics help communities recover from crisis and build a better future.