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5.4 million died during the “African world war,” the deadliest conflict since WWII.
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D.R. Congo is still recovering from years of conflict that killed more than five million residents, mostly as a result of preventable health problems.  The so-called African World War started in 1998, with nine nations and as many as 20 armed groups fighting a vicious war in the country until peace treaties were signed in 2003. However, conflict continued in eastern D.R. Congo and innocent families continued to suffer as a result. 

Today, ongoing violence and brutality from the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and other militia still force people from their homes into makeshift camps or host communities where they face precarious living situations. More than 1.7 million people are internally displaced.

D.R. Congo is one of the world’s largest countries but it is connected by a limited number of poor quality roads that make vulnerable populations very difficult to reach. 

The longest serving NGO in the province, Medair first began providing relief and recovery in the country in 1997. 

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Where We Help
Orientale Province

In Orientale, chronic violence has displaced hundred of thousands of people, and regional underdevelopment has left millions without access to health care or safe water.  Orientale is a massive province with poor roads and bridges that restrict humanitarian access. Medair brings relief in Haut and Bas-Uélés districts, particularly in Dungu and Ango Territories, and in Ituri, South Ituri, and North Kivu districts.

Our Projects
Emergency Primary Health Care image
Emergency Primary Health Care

Medair provides essential health care to displaced families and host communities across Orientale province. Our aim is to save lives, reduce sickness, and improve the long-lasting quality and availability of health care in D.R. Congo. With some exceptions, our health care projects involve:

  • Free access for the most vulnerable
  • Support, training, and supervision of local health professionals to improve quality of care
  • Vaccinations, treatment of diseases and sexually transmitted infections, antenatal care, safe deliveries, and postnatal care
  • Medical and/or psychosocial treatment for survivors of sexual violence

Building Bridges image
Building Bridges

Families desperately need relief in remote Ango Territory but until recently, aid agencies could not easily reach this isolated region due to the poor quality of roads and the number of bridges in disrepair. Medair is opening a vital humanitarian corridor to this region. Our project includes:

  • Construction or repair of bridges so that heavy aid trucks can cross them and local economies can improve
  • Temporary employment for a local workforce to carry out the work under expert supervision, providing much-needed income to communities where jobs are scarce

“You cannot begin to imagine the impact these bridges will have on our lives. Because we are very isolated, we lack a lot of essential services here. When my sisters and my relatives saw the progress on the bridges, the look of happiness on their faces gave me so much joy.” 

- Bernard Poly, Day Labourer, Nagbongbo village

Core Activities

  • Health & Nutrition icon

    Health & Nutrition

    When crisis strikes, health risks multiply. Families suffer from preventable diseases. Children are weakened from malnutrition. Everyone needs health care and nutrition—especially during crisis.

  • Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene icon

    Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene

    WASH saves lives by stopping the spread of disease. In a crisis, few things are more important than safe water, sanitary latrines, and good hygiene.
  • Shelter and Infrastructure icon

    Shelter and Infrastructure

    Safe shelter is at the very core of human survival and dignity. Infrastructure like roads, bridges, schools, and clinics help communities recover from crisis and build a better future.

For media: Click here to download the press kit about our activities in D.R. Congo