Message from Jim Ingram, CEO

18 July 2016

Message from Jim Ingram, CEO

Jim Ingram on a field visit to Haiti.

Jim I. reflects back on our work in 2015 and Medair’s commitment for the years ahead.

Without a doubt, 2015 was Medair’s largest mission year ever. We ran 13 country programmes and reached more than 1.6 million people with emergency relief and recovery services. It’s clear that Medair is becoming well-known as a dependable first-line humanitarian relief organisation.

In 2015, we joined with Integral Alliance partners to respond rapidly to the earthquakes in Nepal and to the cyclone devastation in Vanuatu. During the year, we improved our internal mechanisms for emergency response, leading to greatly reduced recovery times between crises. We are growing into the organisation we have long strived to be, with the capacity to regularly respond to new emergencies.

This year saw the Syrian refugee crisis expand from the Middle East into Europe, such that the world could no longer look away. By year’s end, Medair’s refugee-focused programmes in Lebanon and Jordan had matured, and we had gained registration to work in Syria. At times, the Syrian crisis overshadowed other humanitarian crises worthy of attention around the world, especially in South Sudan, where millions struggled to survive.

In 2015, we maintained a strong focus on reaching and relieving suffering in remote and hard-to-reach communities where families might otherwise be forgotten. While our mission did not demand remoteness, it demanded that remoteness not be an excuse. When you consider the efforts taken to reach and assist small isolated villages of a few hundred people, it makes our staff’s resolve that much

more impressive. These are high-cost-per-beneficiary projects. Yet this is the commitment you make when you believe that each life is worth the extra mile.

As we look to the future, Medair aims to continue playing a leading role in advancing the use of innovative technologies in the humanitarian space. These technologies enable us to respond to more needs more efficiently than ever before, even in hard-to-reach places.

At the same time, we mustn’t lose sight of what makes us who we are.

Medair not only provides health care, water, and shelter to the vulnerable, we also help people recover their well-being. We do this by making the effort to be present with them, even when it takes extra time and extraordinary effort. We stay to listen to people’s stories. We grieve with them, laugh with them, and show them we truly care. Time and again, the people we serve thank us for standing alongside them as much as for anything else.

We pass on those thanks to you, our faithful supporters. Thank you for standing alongside Medair in 2015, and for extending your hand to families all over the world who have been blessed by your support this past year.

Gratefully yours,

Jim Ingram

Look inside our 2015 Annual Report to learn more about how your support impacted the lives of more than 1.6 million people last year.

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