EMERGENCY: Medair responds to human suffering in northern Iraq

18 August 2014

EMERGENCY: Medair responds to human suffering in northern Iraq
The situation in northern Iraq has significantly deteriorated over the past weeks as armed clashes continue to displace tens of thousands of people. Today, the UN has estimated that 1.2 million people have been forced to leave their homes in central and northern Iraq, often with nothing but that which they could carry with them.   
These families, many of them from minority groups such as Yazidis and Christians, are in urgent need of life-saving assistance. They are trapped on the Sinjar Mountain in above 40C degree temperatures or homeless in and around the town of Erbil without shelter, food, and water.
The UN has declared Iraq a “level 3 crisis” – the highest ranking for humanitarian crises. Kristalina Georgieva with the European Commission called Iraq, “a dire humanitarian situation which is worsening every day.”

Medair is responding to the current crisis in Iraq, assessing the humanitarian needs and distributing core relief items, including hygiene and shelter supplies, to an estimated 10,000 of the most vulnerable people affected.
We’re committed to going where the need is greatest. But we need your help to make sure these impacted people have the items they need to survive.
Your support today is vital in helping us respond quickly to their critical needs.


How can you help?

The needs are huge, and your contribution is essential. These critical items assist families to cope during this difficult time.

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