Anyone can be caught in the grip of an emergency at any time. That’s why when lives are on the line and every second counts, Medair responds swiftly with your help to reach communities in need and provide them with life-saving services.


Emergency Relief – When conflict forces families from their homes, we focus on survival and safety. We supply appropriate tents to vulnerable families for immediate protection and emergency household supplies and hygiene kits to help keep families healthy.

Emergency Health Care – Health care is often among the first vital services crippled or destroyed during crises. Through your support, Medair fills the gap. Our teams of health professionals respond to disease outbreaks such as cholera and Ebola in places far off the beaten path. The teams set up emergency health clinics in crucial places like camps for displaced people and refugee settlements where the influx of people overwhelms the local health services. Medair can quickly scale-up our response to carry out mass vaccination campaigns for diseases such as measles and cholera to prevent or stop the spread of outbreaks.

Clean Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene – When a crisis strikes and health risks multiply, few things are more important for saving lives than providing clean water and sanitation. Medair provides safe drinking water and latrines as well as promotes safe hygiene practices, all of which contribute to healthier places for families to live while they recover.

Cash Assistance – Medair provides families in crisis with cash assistance to improve their temporary living conditions. Cash assistance allows families a dignified way to pay for their rent, food, and health care costs and make decisions about purchases to meet their most urgent needs. Medair also provides cash assistance for pregnant women so they can deliver their babies in a safe environment and to other vulnerable people in need.