Medair Canada Launches as an International Humanitarian Aid Charity

15 June 2017

TORONTO, June 2017 - Canadians are now able to directly engage with Medair, an international NGO known for delivering high-quality life-saving humanitarian work in some of the world’s most difficult-to-reach places. For nearly 30 years, Medair has built its reputation worldwide, and on May 31, Medair Canada was granted registered charity status.

“We started working on our Canadian registration early in 2012, when I began sharing stories about Medair’s inspiring mission with old friends back in Burlington, Ontario,” said Medair’s CEO, Jim Ingram, a native of Windsor who has lived in Switzerland, where Medair’s international headquarters are based, for more than 35 years. “I’m confident that the people of this great country will respond to and support the kind of work we do, and the unique places where we do it.” 

Last year alone, Medair delivered humanitarian aid to 1.8 million people in 14 countries, providing health and nutrition, safe water and sanitation, and shelter and infrastructure to help families recover from crisis with dignity. Medair responds to sudden disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, and to areas of protracted crisis such as South Sudan and Syria.

Medair is well-known for its “going the extra mile” approach. Its teams travel by boat, plane, canoe, 4x4, horseback, motorbike, and often on foot—whatever it takes to access hard-to-reach communities and save lives where families might otherwise be forgotten. Recently, a prominent UN official in South Sudan said: “[Medair’s team] has demonstrated exceptional bravery and creativity in trying to save lives under the most extreme circumstances.”

Jon Brandt, based in Toronto, is Medair Canada’s Director. “Canada has been incredibly welcoming to refugees, with the Syrian crisis as the most recent example of our generosity,” said Jon. “We believe the mission of Medair will hold great appeal to Canadian families. Our work in the Middle East, for instance, enables tens of thousands of Syrian refugees to survive with dignity and remain in the region until it is safe to return home.”

Medair’s Canadian connections have been longstanding. Organizations such as World Renew, MCC, World Relief and CFGB have trusted Medair with the implementation of many of their projects funded through governmental grants. Moreover, Medair’s Board Chair Christina Bregy is also Canadian, and Medair’s field teams have employed many fine Canadian relief workers over the past decades. With the formation of Medair Canada, the organisation hopes that even more Canadians will be drawn to its mission and will desire to partner up.

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As of today, Medair has over 1200 staff members worldwide and is working in 12 countries: Afghanistan, DR Congo, Haiti, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Myanmar, Nepal, Somalia, South Sudan, and Syria. With the establishment of Medair Canada, Medair now has six affiliate offices in Europe and North America. In 2016, Medair operated on an overall budget of 82 million CAD.