Shelter and Infrastructure

Shelter and Infrastructure
More than 1 million homes were damaged or destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan.

Rebuilding lives, strengthening communities

We all need a safe place to sleep, a safe community for our families to live in peace. 

Safe shelter is at the very core of human survival and dignity. It gives us safety and security, protects us from harsh weather, and helps ward off disease. So when disasters destroy homes, Medair’s shelter teams take action. 
Shelter is our highest priority in an emergency, but it is only part of what we do. Communities also need roads and health clinics and schools. During early recovery and reconstruction, we build and repair key infrastructure to help people recover from crisis. 
How Medair makes a difference:
  • We send teams of engineers, architects, and other construction professionals to work with communities and determine the best ways for them to rebuild.
  • We work alongside residents to build safe shelters that are resistant to future disasters and that can be transitioned into permanent homes in the future.
  • We construct or upgrade vital infrastructure like schools, health clinics, roads, bridges, dams, airstrips—whatever is needed. We often use reward systems that pay local residents for their labour—crucial income for families when they need it most. 
  • We help reduce the risks from future disasters through training, better preparation, and upgrades to infrastructure and homes. 
Join with Medair to provide shelter and infrastructure that helps families rise up from crisis and rebuild their lives. Get involved today.
The world’s devastated and remote places

The world’s devastated and remote places

We bring relief to neglected communities affected by natural disaster, conflict, and other crises. 

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