Help Medair

Help Medair
Wondering what’s next? New opportunities await former staff.

Share your experience.

There is no better way to excite someone about Medair’s mission than for them to hear first-hand stories from someone who’s seen it with their own eyes.

As former staff, you have the potential to be a tremendous asset to Medair. When you speak about your experience with family and friends or at churches and special events, your story can bring in new donors, prayer partners, and future relief workers. 

When you share Medair’s stories and updates with your social media contacts, you help spread the word of our work to the world. 

With this kind of assistance, you demonstrate your continued commitment to bringing relief to the world’s most vulnerable—without even being in the field.

How much time you give is up to you, depending on your availability and interest. We appreciate anything you can do to contribute to our collective mission. 

To help Medair, contact your affiliate office to see how you can contribute.

If you have no affiliate office in your home country, please contact us at Swiss Headquarters.

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The world’s devastated and remote places

The world’s devastated and remote places

We bring relief to neglected communities affected by natural disaster, conflict, and other crises.