Field Internationally Recruited Staff (IRS) benefits

Field Internationally Recruited Staff (IRS) benefits
Interested in a rewarding humanitarian career with Medair?

Your humanitarian experience will determine which level of benefits package you receive.

The benefits package provided to all Internationally Recruited Staff (IRS)

  • Comprehensive briefing at our Swiss Headquarters, as well as an in-country briefing
  • Security training for those going to insecure environments
  • Accommodation, food, and transportation in-country
  • Return flights to and from the country programme (one return flight for every year of service)
  • Rest and recuperation (R&R) leave (including travel, accommodation, and food)
  • Annual leave
  • Additional contract benefit allowance for those who commit to longer contracts
  • Comprehensive medical and emergency rescue insurance, with up to 60 days post-assignment coverage, including debriefing
  • Disability insurance

Specific benefits for Experienced Relief Workers (IRS)

(Applicants with 12 months or more relevant relief or development experience)

  • Salaries are based on the grade of the position and experience of the position-holder.
  • Contribution matching programme for retirement savings
  • Highly subsidised contribution to Medair ROC travel and accommodation costs

Specific benefits for New Relief Workers (IRS)

(Applicants with less than 12 months relevant relief or development experience)

  • USD 300 per month 
  • As soon as 12 months relief work or its equivalent has been completed, a salary based on the grade of the position and experience of the position-holder, and other experienced relief worker benefits.

Discover the profiles sought for Medair IRS field roles here  

So you have a matching profile? What is the best application route for you?

  1. If you see a position that closely matches your profile, then we recommend you  

apply for a Medair field vacancy

  1. If you are new to relief work or you cannot see a job that matches your profile exactly, we recommend you

apply for a Medair ROC.

Regardless of how you apply, all prospective Internationally Recruited staff are required to successfully complete the Medair Relief & Recovery Orientation Course (ROC). Medair ROC information, dates and related costs can be found here

Please take a look at our FAQ if you have any further questions.

If you are interested in joining our Nationally Recruited Staff (NRS) in the field, please click here.

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