The Board

The Board of the Medair Invest in Aid Foundation consists of persons recognised both for their expertise and their compassion. They meet regularly to make all decisions concerning the management of the funds entrusted to the Foundation and the allocation of the Foundation revenues to Medair's priority activities. The board is the guarantor of the Foundation's values and management principles.

James Ingram - President

"I am proud to contribute, through this foundation, to the continuity of our mobilisation for the world's most underprivileged populations. While Medair is dedicated to interventions in the field, we in the foundation do all we can, by using the funds generously donated to us, to provide Medair with the means to act."

Torsten De Santos - Vice President

"I am proud to contribute to ensure Medair’s future through an innovative financing. The Foundation Medair Invest in Aid allows me to use years of experience in bank management, to benefit the most vulnerables."

David Sauter - Secretary

"As a founding member and secretary of the board, I was part of each step of the creation of the foundation. Today, we have a unique tool to build a funding resource that is capable of meeting the humanitarian challenges of tomorrow. It is a great hope that we offer to future generations!"

Liselotte Reich - Member

"I have been committed to humanitarian action during 20 years. I decided to join this board because I am convinced that Medair Invest in Aid offers the opportunity to guarantee the independence and continuity of Medair's interventions. I also invite all those who can to make a bequest or donation to the benefit of Medair Invest in Aid."

Jacques Demaurex - Member

"Joining the Board was an opportunity to use years of experience in finance to further a cause made worthy by its adherence to Christian principles. I have the conviction that the foundation Medair Invest in Aid provides the financial base and support which allows Medair to be fully operational over the long term."
Jeffrey Erickson - Member

"I am happy to put my experience with financial investment at the service of Medair Invest in Aid. The people who transmit us a bequest or donation can rest assured that their assets will be invested reliably, ethically, and effectively, in order to perpetuate their commitment to the most vulnerable."