every second counts
We move fast to save the lives of families during emergencies.
The needs are many
as malnutrition levels become critical in DR Congo.
More disasters and crises happen and more people are affected by them than ever before.
When emergencies strike, families become extremely vulnerable.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What services do you bring to vulnerable people?

The gifts of Medair supporters bring them life essentials such as basic health care, safe drinking water and sanitation, proper nutrition, safe shelter, and skilled staff to help women give birth safely. These services help save lives and prevent needless suffering.


Why is it important that I give?

Because lives depend on it. We go, but gifts from our partners are our fuel. People’s generous support is what enables us to respond quickly to emergencies around the world and bring hope to people who might otherwise be forgotten.


How do you spend the money I give?

Your gift goes far with us: 89.6 percent of all money donated to Medair goes directly to the delivery of life-saving assistance to those who need it most. The other 10.4 percent goes towards the management and expansion of our mission so that we can continue to serve more people.