Decades of war have stunted progress in Afghanistan. Generations have lost their loved ones to conflict. Communities have been forced from their homes. Traditional ways of living have been lost.

For the average rural family this means life-threatening challenges such as malnutrition, preventable disease, complications in pregnancy, shortages of health clinics with skilled medical staff, and lack of safe drinking water or adequate hygiene.

Add to that Afghanistan’s beautiful, but rugged and remote natural landscape, which is prone to harsh winters, hot summers, droughts, and flooding. Living in such conditions means constant vulnerability and difficulties for families.


Nutrition – Medair helps children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers living in informal settlements, rural villages, and conflict-affected communities recover from malnutrition.

Water and Sanitation – In remote villages in the Central Highlands and urban communities affected by conflict, Medair reaches underserved communities and schools with safe water, latrines, and hygiene training.

Resilience Building – Because of environmental and other factors, families in the Central Highlands struggle to grow enough food to last through the long, cold winters. Medair helps rural communities identify and develop plans to minimise the environmental threats that put their livelihoods at risk, to plant kitchen gardens and preserve the produce, giving them access to nutritious food even through the coldest months when they are often cut-off from the outside world.